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What is Zepto Linux?

Zepto Linux is the smallest Linux(R) distribution out there!
With an image size of 7.0M, kernel size of 3.3M, user land size of < 1M,
containing only two (2) files and with a compressed image size of 3.7M,
it has to be the smallest distribution.


* 7.0M image size
* 3.7M image size when compressed with xz
* 3.3M kernel size
* <1M user space size
* no outdated kernels
* UEFI only
* no legacy components
* the smallest Linux distribution out there
* absolutely minimalistic
* as vanilla as possible Linux experience
* everything static, no loadable modules or libraries
* Linux minus gnu
* consists of only 2 files (kernel + toybox)
* made for virtual machines
* rolling release
* no bootloader - pure UEFI boot process


Kernel 5.15.38 | Zepto 0.1 | amd64 | zeptolinux-0.1_amd64.img.xz

How to install

There are several ways to install Zepto Linux as a virtual machine. 1.


IRC: libera.chat #zeptolinux
Gitter: gitter.im/zeptolinux
Discord: Zepto Linux


Mail: hi@zeptolinux.org
Twitter: @zeptolinux


Website started, Zepto Linux 0.1 released!

May, 10 2022

This website has just landed and Zepto Linux 0.1 was released.
Zepto Linux 0.1 contains Linux 5.15.38 and toybox 0.8.7 and is downloadable
as compressed image file.